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DevOps: The need to deliver high quality software faster has become a critical for companies to stay competitive in their markets.

Cloud Integration: Lower Operational Costs, Free Up Existing Data Center Space, Reduce Complexity, Reduce Security Risk.

We Do Agile: agile is core to our culture. Agile methodology is front and center in what we do. We deliver Agile Software Development at Scale & Value.


The Cloud has changed our outlook towards technology. It has indeed allowed it’s adopters to leverage other emerging technologies for transforming their businesses. At Accon, we offer comprehensive range of Cloud solutions such as continuous consulting, defined architecture, migration from on promises to Saas platforms and effective integration strategies. Our the entire range of services in Cloud encompasses consulting, architecture setup, designing, implementation, and monitoring.

Cloud Computing Services

Exploit the optimum potential of cloud based platforms for your business with us.

Product Development

The complete product development lifecycle, from ideation through design to production across various industries.

Start Up

We help startups get off the ground. As a startup you need to move fast so you can sell to your customers and gain traction.


Our company delivers solutions that drive business results every minute!

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Released Google add-on G-Accon for HubSpot

You can easily pull your HubSpot data, for example Contacts, into Google Spreadsheet, for review and update. Each data category will be downloaded into separate spreadsheet tab. You can synchronize downloaded data with the HubSpot server.


Released Google add-on G-Accon for XERO

G-Accon for XERO is a wonderful Google Spreadsheet Add-On designed for Using accounting connector get the transactions, accounts, contacts data you need from Xero tables.


Auto Refresh for G-Accon for AWS

Automate metadata extarction from AWS. Do backup of the data. Send Notification. Add the alerts.


Released Google add-on G-Accon for AWS

Pull out AWS metrics into Google Sheets for further inventory and cost efficiency analyses. Great tool to evaluate AWS usage and reduce operation costs.


Released MyPoi KML map integrator

With this application, you can easily access waypoints in the Google Earth / Google Map formats (KML or KMZ), saved on the phone, and navigate to it via any of the installed navigational applications, such as Google Maps, Waze, Sygic, etc.


Business strategies designed for provision of the highest quality services

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The need to deliver high quality software faster has become a critical for companies to stay competitive in their markets.

Google add-ons Development

Add menu items and sidebars, edit files programmatically, and tie into over a dozen Google services without even spinning up a server

Agile Software Development

Software Development is undergoing a major transformation. The market is demanding better and innovative software in increasingly shorter cycles.

Cloud migration

Gain enterprise-level computing capabilities, eliminate costs needed to install, configure and run on-premises servers.

Proper Cloud selection for individual needs

We offer development across Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for enabling customer to leverage the benefits of Cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.