Select from the menu Add-ons -> G-Accon for XERO -> Automation -> Data Operations Scheduler and switch to "Alerts" tab.

In order to generate alerts the Auto Refresh On/Off flag must be in "on" postion at "Scheduler" tab.

Data Monitoring & Alerts: Create alerts and receive notifications if certain criteria is met.

"Worksheet" the dropdown menu of all sheets in the current active spreadsheet.

"Range to analyze" the range where the criteria must be met. reads selected range and populates "Range to analyze" field.

reads "Range to analyze" field and highlight the range in the selected sheet.

"Where" field:

equals, not equals and contains can be used only with string creteria. Example: Paid, Awaiting Payment, etc

=, !=, <, > can be used with numeric, currency and date values. Example: 1063.56, etc

"Enter Alert Limit" field is an alert threshold.

"Alert Message" field is text that will be included into email body.

In order to create alert, please press "Add Alert" button. You must hit apply button to save alerts permanently.

Currently we are supporting up to 10 alerts per spreadsheet.

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