G-Accon for AWS

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How to sign into AWS

Login into AWS using your Access Key and Secret Access Key. If you do not know how to generate access key, please visit http://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/id_credentials_access-keys.html.

When you check the "Remember me" box and press "Sign In", your AWS Access and Secret Access Keys are encrypted and stored as user properties in Google Sheets you are currently using.

If the credentials are entered incorrectly, you will get error message in the left bottom corner of the login screen.

How to execute report in AWS

Upon logged in, open "Export AWS Reports", select the metrics that you want to export into Google Sheets and press "Execute" red button. If you select one metric the report generates in currently open sheets, otherwise add-ons creates sheet for each new report.

If you need to Sign Out from AWS, go to add-ons menu and select "AWS Sign Out"

"Refresh Current" refreshes the report at currently opened sheet.

"Refresh All" goes through all reports in the current Google Sheets and refreshes one by one.

"Schedule Automatic Refresh" set up the time when all your reports should be refreshed. You can setup email nitification and alerts to notify third party in case metadata changed.

You can schedule an auto-refresh to bring the latest data from AWS to your spreadsheet. Autorefresh screen supports one time, houtly, daily and weekly schedules.

If you wish to get email notification in case the process succeded or failed, mark send email notification in case of success or send email notification in case of error accordingly.

Notification screen helps you to keep your client up to date without exposing access to AWS console.

Alert screen gives the ability to monitor AWS metadata and will send the notification to your email in case the values match entered alert conditions.

Snpashot screen allows to make exect copy of the current google spreadsheet, after it refreshes.