Integrates Google Sheets with HubSpot

Connect your Google Spreadsheets directly to HubSpot through secure OAuth protocol and HubSpot API

View Live HubSpot Data in Google Sheets

Export Companies, Deals, Contacts, Owners, Blogs, Subscriptions, etc. Use auto-refresh feature to automatically update and email your data.

Update & Import Data into HubSpot

Update/Insert your Contacts, Companies, Deals right from Google Sheets and sync with Hubspot in one click. No more hassle with CSV files!

Share & Collaborate in Google Drive

Easily share spreadsheets in Google Drive. Your non-HubSpot users can see live data! Work as a team on a spreadsheet and track changes.


Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically when you are offline using a flexible schedule. Create BI dashboards by connecting your spreadsheets to Google Data Studio and setting auto-refresh

Backup Data

Save reports snapshots to Google Drive to keep historical data.

G-Accon is a Premier HubSpot Connect Partner

Secure: We use secure oAuth 2.0 protocol and SSL encryption. You will be redirected to to enter your credentials. You can securely share your spreadsheets with anyone by assigning read or write access.

Easy Setup: Instantly install Add-on in your Google Drive, connect to HubSpot and start pulling your data in seconds. All future updates will be automatically pushed, so you will always have the latest version of the Add-On.

Automation: Automatically refresh & email your HubSpot data. Save time on data entry and use G-Accon to load your data into HubSpot. No more hassle with excel or CSV!


News and Product Releases

Premier HubSpot Partner

We are proud to announce that G-Accon moved to the top tier and became a Premier HubSpot Connect Partner!

Company Properties

Added new data source: Company Properties


New Settings

New settings and improvements for data download functionality


HubSpot Products

Added new table to data download: HubSpot Products


HubSpot Engagements

Addded new data table to download: Engagements


Query Templates

New functionality: Update/Modify/Delete Pull Templates


Recent Deals

Get your recent deals, contacts and companies with our new feature.



Keep your teem informed - you can now automatically refresh and email HubSpot data. Use this feature to create real-time HubSpot dashboards in Google Sheets!


HubSpot Certified Connect Partner

G-Accon is now a certified HubSpot Connect Partner and is listed in integrations directory!


HubSpot Logins and OAuth

How to view your HubSpot email campaigns in Google Sheets. We have added a new login - HubSpot Reports.


How to Deal with HubSpot Deals

We have added two new types of deals to download:

  Deals Recently Created

  Deals Recently Modified


HubSpot Data Upload

Stop using CSV files to load your data into HubSpot and save time! We are very excited to announce that we have added a new functionality to our Hubspot add-on: data upload. Now you would be able to update/import data directly from Google Sheets to the following tables: