Automatic Data Refresh

Select from the menu Add-ons -> G-Accon for HubSpot -> Automation -> Data Operations Scheduler

Auto Refresh On/Off flag turn on or turn off automatic update, notifications, alerts and snapshot functionality.

G-Accon for HubSpot supports the following time periods:

One Time - the update executes only once and stops. You need to setup exact time.

Hourly - the update executes each hour.

Daily - the update executes each date at the specified time.

Weekly - the update executes at specified week day and the specific time.

Auto Refresh process calculates the local time based on Google Spreadsheet timezone. Google Spreadsheet timezone can be found: File -> Spreadsheet Settings.

Other Settings:

"Send email notification in case of success" if checked and auto refresh flag is "on" sends email to notify all data has been successfully updated.

"Send email notification in case of error" if checked and auto refresh flag is "on" sends email with the list of error and the causes why the update failed.

"Generate a log of all automatic operations to a separate sheet." if checked and auto refresh flag is "on" creates a sheet with the name "Automatic Operations Events Log" and writes all automatic events in that sheet. It automatically keeps the total number of rows below 1000. That option helps you to identify the issue with automatic processes.

"Execute Now" executes last successfully permanently saved configuration. It will ignore the recent changes in "Auto Refresh" dialog..

"Apply" saves permanently "Auto Refresh" configuration.

The total run time of one google script execution cannot exceed 6 minutes. If it takes more than 6 minutes the operation will be terminated without any notification. You can use "Generate a log of all automatic operations to a separate sheet." option to identify how long the script executes. In case you would hit that limit you can try to split query/report into different spreadsheets.

Any query or report can be excluded from automatic refresh update. In order to make auto refresh process skip query/report, please go to "Update/Modify/Delete Pull Mappings", select "Change Pull Setting" and check "Exclude from Auto Refresh".

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