How to import data into Xero from Google Sheets

You need to be logged in into current Xero organization to be able to upload data.

Upload functionality is built on top of Xero API functionality and utilize the structures that Xero API supports.

The easiest way to map your data to Xero object fields is to go to Get Accounting Data and pull the headers for Xero object that you want to update. That gives you the structure that can be easily mapped and post into Xero.

However, we are supporting custom field mappings and there are no any restrictions how your input dataset headers named. During the upload process if any mandatory fields are missing, you would be notified with the error message. For your convenience, we are providing data types and the values in case Xero object field has fix values like filed "status", "type", etc. Please note that majority of fixed values have internal Xero format and are different from Xero user interface values.

When the data is all in place, select the rows that you want to upload. (Notice: you do not need to select all data area).

Next step in the upload process would be to bring up Upload Data window dialog. You should still be able to change your selection if you need. Select the Xero object where you want to upload your data and select the operation. G-Accon for Xero is supporting insert and update. Xero is supporting soft delete, it means if you update the objects with "DELETED" status the object will be deleted. Bank Transactions, Bank Transfers, Payments, Linked Transactions have only insert operation.

Address of First Cell in Range identifies a top left corner of the dataset and need to be set up in case the data is not starting from A1, like in our case we have A2. Result Column position is used to set the position of upload results. Where Id is object id, Success will be true in case operation was fulfilled successfully, Created will be true in case insert was successfully, Error displays a error in case error happens and Timestamp is the time when operation was performed.

Fields in Xero table displays the list of available Xero fields that can be entered or updated. It is Xero object fields and cannot be changed. The goal is to map dataset headers to those Xero object fields. We are providing field data type and discrete values.

Column mapping contains the headers of your dataset. Please drag a field from Fields in Xero table above and drop on the column you want to map it to.

If you want to save created template press "Save Template" if you want to upload data press "Execute and Save Template" the template will be saved automatically.

Please scroll your sheet to Result Column to see insert/update results


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