Xero Accounting & Payroll Data in Google Sheets

Pull real-time Invoices, Journals, Bank Transactions, Accounts, Contacts, Expense Claims, Employees, etc.

Xero & Custom Reports

Get Detailed Account Transactions, Purchase Orders, Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc. Read more>>

Multiple Organizations

Pull data for multiple organizations and connect in one sheet. Refresh reports for all companies in one click


Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically using a flexible schedule. Read more>>

Data Monitoring & Alerts

Create alerts and receive notifications if certain criteria is met. Read more>>

Publish Dashboards

Publish your charts to Website so your clients can see live reports! Read more>>

Share & Collaborate

Share spreadsheets with anyone. Your non-Xero users can now see live data! Work as a team in Google Drive and track changes.

Email Reports

Send real-time reports to your clients automatically. Read more>>

Backup Your Reports

Save reports snapshots to Google Drive to keep historical data. Read more>>

Secure: We use secure OAuth 2.0 protocol, SSL encryption and Xero API. You will be redirected to Xero.com to enter your credentials. You can securely share your spreadsheets with anyone by assigning read or write access.

Easy Setup: Instantly install Add-On in your Google Drive, connect to Xero and start pulling your data in seconds. All future updates will be automatically pushed, so you will always have the latest version of the Add-On.

Automation: Automatically refresh & email the latest Xero reports & data to your clients. No more hassle with manually downloading reports from Xero.

Latest Product Releases

Consolidate Multiple Companies into a Google Sheet

Watch this video on how to consolidate information across multiple companies into a google sheet.


Customize User & Report Settings

August Release: now you can customize your user and reports settings.

  Stay logged in to Xero

  Report and Data Pull Settings

  Redesigned Cash Summary Report


AU Payroll API & Assets API Connectors

View & Refresh your Australian Payroll Data and Assets Data in Google Sheets

  Separate login for AU Payroll users

  Export Timesheets, Pay Stubs, Pay Items, Employees, etc.

  Assets API Connector


Released Automation Features

Automatically generate and email Xero reports

  Auto-Refresh Scheduler

  Create/Receive Alerts

  Backup Historical Data


April Release Notes

  Now you can modify, update or delete query or report metadata

  Added Dynamic Date Range

  New Pull Settings

  Multiple Organization Support

  Fiscal and calendar years are now supported


Released New Reports

  Aged Payables Detail Report

  Aged Receivables Detail Report

  Budget vs Actual Report

  Customer Running Account Details Report

  Sales Invoice Summary Report


February Release Notes

  New Report: Custom Date Range Balance Sheet

  New Report: Cash Summary

  Balance Sheet report can now display previous comparable periods

  Revised Detailed Account Transaction report


January Release Notes

  VAT 126

  VAT Audit Report

  G-Accon is now a Xero App Partner


G-Accon connects Google Sheets to Xero & automates Xero Reporting to save time

  Enhance your Xero Cloud Accounting with Cloud-Based spreadsheets to increase efficiency, save time & collaborate with others
  Reduce errors - no more manually copy-pasting into Excel - instantly pull & refresh your live Xero data in Google Sheets
  Use the power of Google Sheets to customise reports, build charts and share with your non-Xero users in Google Drive Cloud
  Connect you spreadsheets to Google Data Studio to design beautiful & interactive Xero dashboards
  Schedule automatic data refreshes to keep your reports updated for all organizations when you are offline
  Setup alerts to monitor your data based on threshold and make business decisions in real-time
  View your Google Spreadsheets on almost any device - Iphone/Ipad/Android. Export to various file formats - Excel, PDF, CSV