View Live Xero Data in Google Sheets

Export Invoices, Journals, Bank Transactions, Accounts, Contacts, Expense Claims, etc.

Xero & Custom Reports

Get Detailed Account Transactions, Purchase Orders, Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.

Multiple Organizations

Pull data for multiple organizations and connect in one sheet. Refresh reports for all companies in one click


Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically using a flexible schedule. Read more>>

Data Monitoring & Alerts

Create alerts and receive notifications if certain criteria is met. Read more>>

Publish Dashboards

Publish your charts to Website so your clients can see live reports! Read more>>

Backup Your Reports

Save reports snapshots to Google Drive to keep historical data. Read more>>

Email Reports

Send real-time reports to your clients automatically. Read more>>

Share & Collaborate

Share your spreadsheets with users without access to Xero. Work as a team in Google Drive and track changes.

How to sign into XERO

Open Google Sheets -> Go to Add-ons -> G-Accon for XERO -> Xero Sign In

Upon pressing "Connect to XERO" button, you will be redirected to for authorization. Please select organization if you have access to multiple organizations and press button "Allow access for 30 mins".

You should be redirected back to Google Sheets and see page with "You've been successfully authenticated with"

Getting accounting data from XERO

Upon logged in, go to Add-ons -> G-Accon for XERO -> Get Accounting Data, select the table and the fields that you would like to export into Google Sheets. You could also select or unselect all of the fields. Then simply press the "Execute" red button.

Additional Settings

You can add some optional pull settings for generating the XERO data. For example, indicate the Start Cell Address, retrieve headers, generate data on a new sheet, enforce pick list values and create a Data Table around pulled data.

How to filter your report data

To add specific filters to your XERO data, select the "Filter By Field" or "Filter By IDs" option and then add some filter values.

Ordering results

Depending on the content of your data, you might want to order it in particular way. To add the "Order Results By" option, select the required field you want to sort by and then ascending or descending type.

Getting accounting report from XERO

Go to Add-ons -> G-Accon for XERO -> Get Accounting Reports, select the report you would like to generate and the parameters. Then press the "Execute" red button.

How to select the parameters

Each report has its own set of parameters, some of them optional. For example, the "Bank Statement" report would require you to enter the "Bank Account ID" to generate the report, while the "Balance Sheet" holds only optional parameters and the report will be generated according to your settings.

Additional Settings

As with the "Accounting data", you can add some optional pull settings for generating the XERO report. You can indicate the Start Cell Address, create the report on a new sheet, retrieve headers, display the Report Title or create a Data Table around pulled data.

How to refresh your report

G-Accon for XERO gives the ability to monitor XERO metadata and automatically refresh your reports. To refresh the report go to Add-ons -> G-Accon for XERO -> Refresh Current or Refresh All.

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