G-Accon - Connect Google Sheets to XERO, HubSpot, AWS

Our connectors automatically retrieve data from cloud applications. It is available from the Google Sheets Add-on store, and is installed into your Google Sheets applications. Connect your Google Sheets to Xero, HubSpot, AWS. Share spreadsheets so your non-licensed users can see real time data!

What we offer

Google Apps Consulting Helps Businesses Blossom

If you're a business seeking a low-cost, cloud-based alternative to traditional software applications, then you'll love the Google Apps product suite. There is an app for everything you need for a successful business in the Google Apps Marketplace. When you collaborate with Google, rest assured that your data is safe.

Google Apps Require No Software or Hardware

Working with data isn't always easy. It can be laborious, frustrating and downright infuriating at times. But, there's no better feeling than when you absolutely nail that visualization or find that perfect nugget of information that makes everything come together.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Our development team has experience with many types of PaaS, including Elastic Beanstalk and Google App Engine. Our developers use Platform as a Service to take advantage of its streamlined nature. Cloud computing platforms allow for quick and cost-effective creation of web applications without the complexity of buying and maintaining software and its infrastructure - again, reducing costs for our clients.

Custom Software Development

We have worked with hundreds of Fortune 200 and enterprise companies as well as entrepreneurs serving as their trusted custom software development partner. Our skillset is immensely diverse - we design, develop, implement web, cloud, and back-end applications. Our technology solutions and implementation strategies are dynamic and custom developed to support your current and future business goals.

Software Application Reengineering

Rebuilding an existing application - often called a rebuild, application rebuild, system redesign, or something similar - is a special kind of project. Because you have an existing application in place, you must think about several things differently - design, requirements, testing, and roll out. Each of these has unique requirements when rebuilding an existing application.

Agile Development

We like Agile because we thrive at delivering optimized and working software frequently, collaborating with clients, and responding to fast changing requirements. However, we understand that some customers prefer other methodologies; so, the client has the final word.


It's all about time-to-value. At the end of the day, every software feature is designed either to make money or save money for your business.But until that feature is in production, your development investment is in limbo. Capital is tied up, and revenue growth or cost savings are not realized. AWS, AZUR, Google Cloud

Android Development

In-house Android developers make use of all powerful functionalities of Android platform. Native Android app development service means an entire code is written in the Android specific programming language. The apps are built using device's core features such as contacts, Address book, camera, GPS etc.

Let's succeed in such a complex and competitive world

Cloud Application Integration

With the growing number of cloud based applications and services, keeping an enterprise connected can be difficult. There are indeed a lot of good cloud integration solutions out there for your consideration. Our Team would love to hear about your integration scenarios and help you get started.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud has changed our outlook towards technology. It has indeed allowed it's adopters to leverage other emerging technologies for transforming their businesses. At Accon, we offer comprehensive range of Cloud solutions such as continuous consulting, defined architecture, migration from on promises to Saas platforms and effective integration strategies. Our the entire range of services in Cloud encompasses consulting, architecture setup, designing, implementation, and monitoring.

Product Development

When we talk about product development, what we are talking about actually is something that doesn't have all the detailed features needed. However, it can expand itself through the use of plugins or a third-party application to conform to the user's or business' need. This also means that a product can be very versatile as it can be used with various scenarios.

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