G-Accon Case Studies

  • Michael King’s CFO Business Growth with G-Accon: Optimizing Time and Elevating Value

    By Oriana Gorrin

    Data Bottleneck Challenges Turned into an Opportunity

    When Michael King – the CFO Accelerator and driving force behind the firm The Connected Accountant– started building his company more than 7 years ago, he looked for a mentor to show him how to do it “the right way”.

    These days, he has specialised in assisting fractional CFOs and accountants in building advisory firms that reach impressive revenue figures. His brand is synonymous with high-quality coaching courses and a supportive community.

    But Michael King’s growth journey hasn’t been smooth and without challenges. A significant issue he faced was the excessive amount of time he and his CFOs team spent on manual data-related tasks. As he aptly put it, “The problem was they were doing a lot of tactical data-related work. And where I needed them to be was on that thought leadership work.”

    G-Accon’s Game-Changing Integration

    What Michael needed was a solution that promised to connect QuickBooks data seamlessly with Google Sheets.
    So they dug deeper, did a bit of Googling and…
    Found G-Accon, a 100% customizable integrated solution.

    G-Accon set Michael’s business on a path of growth. And the impact of G-Accon’s integration has been invaluable.

    Not only Michael’s team was liberated to handle a substantially larger number of clients by saving time and minimizing errors but his manual data work had been consumed around 40 hours per month per CFO. This time optimisation has enabled his CFOs to focus on strategic tasks, transforming their roles from data manipulators to thought leaders.

    Additionally, the consistent and accurate reports generated through the G-Accon integration elevated the perceived value of Michael’s firm. Now, clients received tailor-made CFO reports and dashboards in Google Sheets, showcasing the firm’s commitment to precision and value-driven insights.

    Accelerating Impact by Thinking Differently

    A big fan of simplicity, Michael King’s success story is proof of the power of strategic technology integration. Through G-Accon’s versatile solution, he not only optimised his CFOs’ time but also elevated the value of his firm’s services, ultimately driving growth for his business.

    “I think the term Game Changers has been mainly overused. But it literally was for us. Because this one simple platform that's like 10 to 20 bucks a month, has now solved this problem. We were spending a little over 40 hours a month on manual data importing, exporting and manipulation. And within a few hours of playing with G-Accon, that problem was eliminated.” – Michael King, The CFO Accelerator.

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Case Study with Andrew Forte: From Accounting to Owning a Business & Advisory

Andrew Forte is an entrepreneur and coach from South Africa. When he first started his business, Andrew had to do everything manually and it drained him of his time. As Andrew’s client base grew, he needed to make more and more reports. He started looking for a solution to streamline this process and stumbled across G-Accon. This is the story of Andrew’s journey with our company. We hope that it will inspire you to take your first steps with us, as well.

"The math is evident: every one of my clients has 10 to 15 of their own clients. Concurrently, each of those clients has multiple different report formats. The problem is that business owners want to see the same report formats, regardless of the way their data was initially collected. G-Accon is crucial in streamlining this and can connect every client’s cloud accounting profile to Google Sheets. This allows me to easily transfer data from Xero or QuickBooks to Google Sheets. I can even use pre-set templates to create aesthetically pleasing and informative reports and dashboards."

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Case Study with Clay Sandoz: Game-changing add-on for those who make the world a better place

Recently at G-Accon headquarters, we had the opportunity to chat with Clay Sandoz.
Clay is the founder and owner of Wellstead Solutions, a consulting company for people who want to create their own non-profit foundations. Wellstead primarily works with mid-size nonprofits which require full-service financial operations.
This is where G-Accon has been able to help Clay! Using our business solutions, Clay has been able to streamline logistics and provide more efficient services to his clients. In our Q&A below, we chat about his work and how G-Accon has helped Clay in his day-to-day business operations.

"I don’t remember where I learned about G-Accon, but it didn’t take long for me to become a big fan! Before G-Accon, I was using a service that allowed me to upload .csv files as journals. That was groundbreaking at the time, but it was one-directional. I think I began searching for “QuickBooks Google Sheets Integration” when a prospective client expressed interest in getting more detailed reporting. That led me to G-Accon, where I discovered that I could pull reports and upload data!"

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Case Study with Dave Sellick: How G-Accon is Powering Colour into the Accounting World

Yes, the heading is correct, particularly according to London accountant Dave Sellick. Dave doesn’t just use tech and apps for the fun of it. The tech and apps he uses offer efficiencies that traditional accountants aren’t yet matching.
As Dave demonstrates how G-Accon connects with his key programs and produces a kaleidoscope of colourful graphs and charts, the quickness of the actions blows me away, almost as much as his bells and whistles console, reminiscent of a Star Trek set. He tells me it’s a console typically designed for gamers, but there’s not one gaming button on it.

“My month-end workflow is predominately Excel-based, with a lot of Google Sheets, and I was using a DataDear add-on to pull data from Xero,” explained Dave. “With DataDear no longer available from October 2022 , I needed a replacement. A friend told me about G-Accon. I’ve been using it for nine months now, and personally, G-Accon is a far better day-to-day solution for me. I wish I’d been using it all along. It’s much more flexible and allows me to push data between my programs while still working in the Cloud. G-Accon is intuitive, more contemporary, and much quicker and easier to use. I was surprised at how clean the transition was too.”

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How KFE Solutions saves 40 hours a month with G-Accon

"The most valuable, the most effective, the highest ROI we have on any of our tech platforms is G-Accon.
G-Accon automates the process of pulling data out of the accounting software and updating it in our customized CFO reports that live inside of Google Sheets. As you might imagine this is very time-consuming process and we used to do it manually. But once we found G-Accon and we’ve set up a few templates that process has become fully automated!"...

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