G-Accon Case Studies

Game-changing add-on for those who make the world a better place

Recently at G-Accon headquarters, we had the opportunity to chat with Clay Sandoz.
Clay is the founder and owner of Wellstead Solutions, a consulting company for people who want to create their own non-profit foundations. Wellstead primarily works with mid-size nonprofits which require full-service financial operations.
This is where G-Accon has been able to help Clay! Using our business solutions, Clay has been able to streamline logistics and provide more efficient services to his clients. In our Q&A below, we chat about his work and how G-Accon has helped Clay in his day-to-day business operations.

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How G-Accon is Powering Colour into the Accounting World

Yes, the heading is correct, particularly according to London accountant Dave Sellick. Dave doesn’t just use tech and apps for the fun of it. The tech and apps he uses offer efficiencies that traditional accountants aren’t yet matching.
As Dave demonstrates how G-Accon connects with his key programs and produces a kaleidoscope of colourful graphs and charts, the quickness of the actions blows me away, almost as much as his bells and whistles console, reminiscent of a Star Trek set. He tells me it’s a console typically designed for gamers, but there’s not one gaming button on it.

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How KFE Solutions saves 40 hours a month with G-Accon

"The most valuable, the most effective, the highest ROI we have on any of our tech platforms is G-Accon.
G-Accon automates the process of pulling data out of the accounting software and updating it in our customized CFO reports that live inside of Google Sheets. As you might imagine this is very time-consuming process and we used to do it manually. But once we found G-Accon and we’ve set up a few templates that process has become fully automated!"...

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