Why G-Accon?

G-Accon eliminates the need for mistake-prone manual exports and imports. With G-Accon, you can use the power and convenience of Google Sheets to customize and manipulate data in ways you aren’t able to in QuickBooks.
  • Two-Way Secure Sync

    Securely connect Google Sheets to QuickBooks and pull your data in seconds. The data is transferred directly between Google Sheets and QuickBooks through secure OAuth 2.0 protocol and API.

  • Custom Reports

    Use our flexible templates to create 50+ reports including Account Transactions, Budget vs Actual, Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.

  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV

    Automatically export Xero data and reports to Excel, CSV, PDF or Google Sheets using G-Accon workflow.

  • Export QuickBooks Data Objects

    Export unlimited transactions from any QuickBooks tables, such as Invoices, Bills, Accounts, Purchase Orders, Journal Entries, etc.

  • Automatic Data Refresh

    Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically when you are offline using a flexible schedule: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Import Data to QuickBooks

    Unlimited bulk imports. No more hassle with CSV files and no row limit! Schedule automatic data uploads from Google Sheets to QuickBooks.

  • Automatic Emails & Alerts

    Automatically generate and send real-time reports and alerts to your team and clients in Excel, PDF, CSV or Google Sheets using a workflow builder.

  • Collaborate in Real-Time

    Easily share spreadsheets and work as a team, leave comments, and track changes with you colleagues and clients in Google Drive.

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Features which make accountants choose us

G-Accon is a must-have application for Accountants, Advisors,
CFO, and Small Business owners using QuickBooks Online
  • Consolidate Multiple Companies

    Connect your Google spreadsheets to multiple QuickBooks accounts - a separate tab will be created for every entity.

  • Cloud Templates

    Save your custom templates to the Cloud. Share with your team members and clients.

  • Real-time Dashboards

    Use Historical Layout in all reports for easy connection to Google Data Studio to build powerful dashboards.

  • Custom Reporting Templates

    Customize reports with G-Accon's flexible templates. Filter by Classes, Location, Items, compare to multiple time periods, dynamic or custom dates.

  • Bulk Import

    Make your changes in Google Sheets and upload any transactions to multiple QuickBooks accounts in one click.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automatically generate reports, emails, exports, and bulk uploads. Easily schedule data backups in your Google Drive.

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4 Easy steps to get started with G-Accon

It is really easy, but it you need any help -
contact our support team or find detailed instructions here

Install G-Accon

Download our application from Google Marketplace. You can start with free 14 days trial or choose full version.

Connect G-Accon to QuickBooks

You should follow the instructions and connect Google spreadsheets to your QuickBooks account through G-Accon app.

Create Templates

Select your options, such as dynamic or custom dates, filters, time periods, etc. You can also save your templates to the Cloud for later use or share them with your team.

Schedule Auto-Refresh

Use our workflow automation to automatically refresh your data in Google Sheets. Choose the automatic refresh interval: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Pricing plans

Choose from our flexible pricing plans, cancel anytime. No credit card required.

What our clients are saying about us

Ryan Knowles

Fantastic product

Fantastic. This is exactly what I have been looking for! I have been spending hundreds of hours alternating between exporting manually and writing api scripts for the past 3 years and now I can get it all done for a nominal cost. The unlimited number of companies allow for a lot of growth of my own business and the simple interface makes set-up a breeze

James Hogan

Incredibly cool add-on. Literally!

This App not only downloads any QBO module to Google Sheets; you can also design layouts to send data back into QBO in bulk.
No need to layout CSV or XLS files to match the QBO Import feature. Send it directly from Google Sheets with the click of a mouse. Map it all from within Google Sheets. Up until the day I found this app I was a Sage / Excel evangelist. Now its QBO with G-Accon for everything!

James Giddings

QuickBooks to Google Sheets - the easy way

Such a great addon that has enabled some deep analytics and visual dashboards for our teams. Using Google Data Studio we have been able to build some really great visual representations of our financial data which has greatly assisted in making financial decisions for the future.

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