G-Accon Pricing Plans & Features

"The possibilities with G-Accon and Google Sheets are almost unlimited!"
- Andrew Forte, DataNow.guru.

No contract. Cancel anytime. Get two months free if paid annually.


5 companies included.


Per Month

$8 per company


Growing accounting firms and businesses.


Per Month

$3.40 per company


Established businesses and accounting firms.


Per Month

$3.40 per company


Finance teams and large companies.


Per Month

$1 per company

Companies Up to 5 Up to 25 Up to 50 Up to 250
Users 1 User 5 Users 10 Users Unlimited
2-Way Sync between Google Sheets & Xero/QBO
Report Designer/Styling
100+ Reporting Templates
KPI Dashboards
Multi-Entity Consolidations
Currency Converter
(170+ currencies)
Extract Accounting Data to Google Sheets
Upload data from Sheets to Xero/QBO : Create/Update/Delete
Workflow Automation
Automatic Data Refresh
Automatic Emails
Alerts Based on Criteria
Ex. Overdue Invoices
Automatic Export to Excel, PDF, CSV
Layout for Looker/Data Studio
Save Historical Data (Snapshots)
Public Template Library
Cloud Templates: Save, Share
Support: Email, Zoom, Phone, Screen Share
Assign Team Roles
Basic Onboarding
Partner Program
Advanced Training

Select your plan in Google Sheets add-on Buy/Manage license menu.

Additional Items

The highest ROI

The most valuable, the most effective, the highest ROI we have on any of our tech platforms is G-Accon.
I exaggerate you not when I say it saves us 40 hours a month! G-Accon just works and the price is right.

Michael King

Founder, The CFO Accelerator
This has saved my firm thousands!

We use G-Accon for CFO reporting and this tool has enabled us to quickly access the data we need into presentable dashboards for clients and analysis tools for ourselves.

Shannon Weinstein

CPA, Fitnancial Solutions

G-Accon Free Trial

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Don't Pay More for Less

I am able to produce a customized financial dashboard for clients at a fraction of the cost compared to other CFO toolkits.

G-Accon allows me to download financial information in a variety of customized formats not available in Quickbooks Online, which significantly reduces the time required to prepare dashboards and reports for client meetings.

Daniel L

Fractional CFO
Best QBO Data Extractor

I've used a number of QBO data extractors in Google Sheets and G-Accon is the best of the bunch. The prebuilt reports are great, but the customization of reports, refresh rates, and pricing really set them apart from the rest.

While other solutions I feel like have focused on appearance, the functionality of G-Accon surpasses them all.'

Nelson Curtis