Live link to Xero in Google Sheets

Connect and sync Google Sheets with Xero Accounting, Payroll, Assets, Projects data. Create custom data queries. Refresh automatically or manually. Read more>>

Xero & Custom Reports

40+ Reports: Account Transactions, Purchase Orders, Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc. Features: Multi-Currency, Tracking Categories, Filters, Compare Time Periods Read more>>

Multiple Organizations

Connect to multiple Xero organizations and consolidate data in one sheet. Read more>>

Automatic Data Refresh

Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically when you are offline using a flexible schedule. Create BI dashboards by connecting your spreadsheets to Google Data Studio and setting auto-refresh. Read more>>

Upload Data to Xero

Update/Create/Delete Invoices, Bank Transactions, Manual Journals, Contacts, Purchase Orders, Payments, etc. and post to Xero. No more hassle with CSV files. Read more>>

Collaborate in Google Drive

Share spreadsheets with anyone and let your non-Xero users see live data. Collaborate with your team & clients in real-time and track changes.

Data Monitoring & Alerts

Create alerts and receive notifications if certain criteria is met. Read more>>

Automatic Emails

Send real-time reports to your clients automatically in Excel, PDF, CSV or Google Sheets format. Read more>>

Backup Data

Auto-save spreadsheets snapshots in Google Drive to keep historical data. Read more>>

The Power of Google Sheets + Xero

G-Accon - Award-Winning and Xero Recommended App Partner

Trusted by over 5000 of businesses and advisory firms globally

For Accountants, Advisors, Bookkeepers, Business Owners

Connect to all Xero companies in Google Sheets. Automate reporting and data entry  

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Two-way Sync

 Extract Data

Get and refresh data from all Xero accounts/clients into Google Sheets.

 Review Data

Review your live Xero data in Google Sheets to identify errors, inconsistencies, duplicates.

 Clean up Data

Make changes in Google Sheets (delete, update, insert records) and upload it to Xero accounts in one click.


Automate your tasks by scheduling data exports, updates, inserts and email notifications.



Save hours on reporting by using our automatic operations





 Multi-Currency Reporting

New Feature - Generate reports in multiple currencies. Currency conversion process is highly efficient when you need to deliver Profit and Loss, Budget vs Actual, Invoices, and other financial reports to the clients from different countries. Read more >>

 BI-Ready: Historical Layout

Easily connect G-Accon spreadsheets to BI software to visualize your reports:

  Power BI

  Google Data Studio


  Publish Google Charts

 Tracking Categories

Customize reports by using our pre-defined filters:

  Xero Tracking Categories

  Date Range



 Save & Share Templates in Cloud

Save, update, copy and re-use templates In Cloud to streamline and automate reporting. Share your custom templates with anyone in Cloud.

  Order By

  Filter By

  Pull Settings

  Schedule Auto-Refresh

 Multiple Periods

  Year over Year

  Month by Month



Reporting Documentation

Exporting raw data from Xero

Pull raw data from Xero tables using our data query templates. Refresh all companies in one click or schedule auto-refresh. Automatically export and email your data queries as Google Sheets, Excel, PDF or CSV.

 Xero Accounting Data

Get and refresh data from Xero Accounting tables: Invoices, Accounts, Purchase Orders, Journals, etc.

learn more >>
 Xero Payroll Data

Get and refresh data from Xero AU and NZ Payroll: Employess, Payslips, Timesheets, Deductions, etc.

learn more >>
 Xero Projects Data

Get and refresh data from Xero Projects: Projects, Users, Tasks, Time

learn more >>

Importing data into Xero

Do you constantly prepare CSV files for importing data into Xero? Use G-Accon to save time on repetitive data loading tasks by pushing your data back into Xero in one click!

 Upload Operations

Post data to Xero directly from Google Sheets by using Insert, Update, Delete operations.

 Upload Templates

Create an upload template for each Xero organization once and re-use it to import data into Xero in one click.

 Upload Automation

New - Schedule automatic data uploads to Xero to save time and automate your workflow. New or modified rows in spreadsheets will be automatically imported to Xero even when you are offline.

Upload Documentation

Without the functionality of G-Accon, the Purchase Order component of Xero is very limited. With G-Accon, it becomes powerful. I have had a fantastic response from the G-Accon support team, when needed.
Gillian Dale-Jones
G-Accon allows me to prepare the most requested report NOT in Xero - profit and loss by tracking category with filters. Without it I would be lost in excel for hours pulling this report together. GAccon is a crucial and indispensable tool for Xero
Sue Binney
We use this to consolidate multiple Xero entities over different countries and currencies, automate a lot of our month end processes (including uploading journals), and pull out Xero data to run analytics on (in PowerBi and in google sheets).
Sam White
We're steadily building out our G-Accon powered set of Google Sheet based reporting systems across our CFO clients. The automated Xero report pulls feeding into our weekly and monthly reporting are saving us a whole lot of time so that we're more real-time and proactive than ever.
Remco Marcelis

Secure: We use secure OAuth 2.0 protocol, SSL encryption and Xero API. You will be redirected to to enter your credentials. You can securely share your spreadsheets with anyone.

Easy To Use: Instantly install Add-On in your Google Drive, connect to Xero and start pulling your data in seconds. Edit your data directly in Google Sheets or create new records and upload to Xero

Automation: Automatically refresh & email the latest Xero reports & data to your clients. No more hassle with manually downloading reports from Xero.


Watch our video tutorials to get started

How to get reports from Xero - Detailed Account Transactions report

How to get data into Google Sheets, edit and push back to Xero - Bi-Directional Bills synchronization

How to schedule automatic data refresh