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Work with your live Xero data directly
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Powerful features for accountants

  • Consolidate Multiple Organisations

    Connect your Google spreadsheets to multiple Xero accounts - a separate tab will be created for every organisation. Consolidate your data. Refresh all organisations automatically or on demand.

  • Save & Share Templates in Cloud

    Save your reporting and upload templates in the Cloud. Share with your team members.

  • Audit Trail

    History & Notes summary for accounting transactions and user activities. By using this module, G-Accon users will be able to view an audit trail of the notes recorded against their organisation’s transactions.

  • Multi-Currency Reports

    Convert all reports to the currency of your choice (160 currencies). Generate Account Receivables and Payables reports in the customer's currency.

  • Bulk Uploads

    Make your changes in Google Sheets and upload to multiple Xero accounts in one click. For example, allocate credit notes for all your clients, create invoices, edit the chart of accounts, post transactions, etc.

  • Workflow Automation

    Use G-Accon's workflow builder to easily automate your manual repetitive tasks and focus more on your clients. Automatically generate reports, emails, exports, and bulk uploads. Easily schedule data backups in your Google Drive.

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