Trying to consolidate multiple QuickBooks Online companies?

G-Accon for QuickBooks is the solution to effortlessly consolidate multiple companies with multiple currencies and generate consolidated financial reports directly in Google Sheets.

Automated Consolidated Reports for QuickBooks Online

  • Consolidate Multiple Companies

    Easily generate consolidated Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, or Cash Summary reports comparing multiple time periods in one spreadsheet.

  • Multi-Currency

    Create consolidated reports in different currencies using our built-in currency converter with automatic or custom exchange rates.

  • Live Exchange Rates

    Generate consolidated reports based on the latest available exchange rate from the exchange rate provider. Every time you refresh this report, the latest exchange rate will be used.

  • Powerful Automation

    Schedule an automatic refresh to generate and email real-time consolidated reports to your team and clients in Google Sheets, Excel, PDF, and CSV files. Automatically save backups to your Google Drive.

  • Custom Reporting Templates

    Easily customize your consolidated reports using G-Accon flexible templates: select dynamic or custom dates, filters, multiple time periods, traditional or historical layouts.

  • Consolidate Departments or Offices

    Consolidate data from different sources such as offices, branches, or departments in one Google Spreadsheet to get a clear overview of results across the businesses

Unique Features

  • 160+ Currencies Supported

    Reports will be automatically generated in your selected currency using live or custom exchange rates.

  • Completely Automated

    Save your template and automatically generate reports based on a flexible schedule.

  • Send Alerts based on Criteria

    For example: send notifications when invoices are overdue.

  • Flexible Multiple Time Periods

    Generate 12-month, 5-year month over month, 10-day, 3-week Profit & Loss or any date range you choose. Compare up to 60 periods!

  • Historical Layout

    Easily connect your consolidated reports to Google Data Studio to build insightful dashboards.

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3 easy steps to generate Consolidated Reports with G-Accon

Report How To
Consolidated Profit and Loss Report How to generate Consolidated Profit and Loss
Consolidated Cash Flow Report How to generate Consolidated Cash Flow
Consolidated Balance Sheet Report How to generate Consolidated Balance Sheet

Advanced Features

Reports & Templates

  • 100+ Custom Reporting Templates
  • Save Unlimited Templates in the Cloud
  • Compare up to 60 Previous Periods
  • Share Templates in the Cloud with your team
  • Append Multiple Templates in one spreadsheet

Automation & Workflow

  • Pull Unlimited Number of Rows into Google Sheets
  • Workflow Builder: Schedule Data Refresh, Emails, Alerts, and Backups
  • Auto Convert Google Sheets to Excel, PDF, and CSV
  • Email Updated Reports to Multiple Recipients

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