Accounting Workflow Automation in Google Sheets

Tired of copying & pasting your accounting data into Excel? Or manually entering data into Xero & QuickBooks?
Manually sending financial reports to your clients?

Automate your manual tasks with G-Accon

  • Workflow Builder

    Use our powerful Workflow Builder to automate manual tasks: exporting/importing accounting data, generating reports & data queries, sending notifications, and much more.

  • Schedule Automatic Data Refresh

    Automatically refresh financial reports and charts in Google Sheets using a flexible scheduler: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly

  • Auto-Refresh All Companies

    Add multiple templates to workflow and set up different schedules based on your business needs. Automatically refresh reports for all of your clients.

  • Automated Exports to Excel/PDF/CSV

    Automatically export accounting data and reports to Excel, CSV, or PDF using G-Accon workflow.

  • Automatic Bulk Uploads

    Schedule automatic bulk imports, edits, and deletes to Xero, Xero Practice Manager, QuickBooks Online or FreshBooks.

  • Send Notifications

    Automatically generate and send real-time reports to your team and clients with an attachment link: Excel, PDF, CSV or Google Sheets.

  • Create and Send Alerts

    Configure and send alerts when certain criteria/threshold is met. For example, send an alert when invoices are overdue >5 days.

  • Schedule Backups

    Save snapshots of historical financial data by automatically saving backups to your Google Drive using a flexible schedule.

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How to set up and receive alerts in your Xero & QuickBooks reports

How to refresh Xero and QuickBooks reports automatically even when you are offline

QuickBooks Data Automation in Google Sheets - Export, Import, Refresh, Email

How to access historical Xero & QuickBooks data by scheduling automatic backups

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