Import Transactions into Xero, QuickBooks Online, and FreshBooks

Bulk Import, Edit, Delete data in Cloud Accounting Software directly from Google Sheets

G-Accon provides users with an efficient and powerful tool to easily and quickly bulk import, edit, and delete data in QuickBooks Online directly from Google Sheets. This automation drastically reduces the time it takes to pull data from QuickBooks into Google Sheets, review it and upload back in bulk – what would normally be a tedious manual process that could take hours – now only requires one click. No longer do you have to use complicated and messy CSV files for exporting and importing your QuickBooks data.

G-Accon has all the tools you need in one place, making working with large amounts of data a breeze!
  • Upload New Data

    Import a thousands of new records to QuickBooks/Xero from Google Sheets in one click!

  • Edit Existing Data

    Edit a thousands of QuickBooks or Xero transactions by simply selecting the rows in Google Sheets and save hours on reconciliations!

  • Delete Data

    Quickly find duplicate transactions and delete them in bulk directly from Google Sheets.

  • Schedule Automatic Uploads

    Use a workflow builder to automatically upload data to QuickBooks based on your schedule.

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Supported Transactions/Lists for Importing to QuickBooks Online and Xero

Advanced Features

Validation & Templates

  • Ready-to-Use Upload Template Library
  • Data Validation before Upload
  • View & Save the Log
  • Save & Edit Upload Templates
  • Share Templates in the Cloud with your team


  • Schedule Automatic Uploads
  • Import Thousands of Rows in One Click
  • Insert, Update, Delete Operations
  • Map Fields Automatically
  • Check before Import: Accounts, Customers, Items, Jobs, Vendors

Popular Use Cases

  • Year-end journal entries in QuickBooks
  • Allocate credit notes in bulk
  • Create thousands of Sales Receipts in QuickBooks right from Google Sheets
  • Bulk Import invoices to QuickBooks
  • Allocate payments against invoices and bills
  • Clean up accounting records directly from Google Sheets

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