Pull Accounting Data from Xero, QuickBooks, Sage into Google Sheets

Automatically Export & Refresh Accounting Data in Google Sheets

  • Export QuickBooks/Xero Transactions

    G-Accon exports your QuickBooks data like Accounts, Bills, Bill Payments, Customers, Invoices, etc. into Google Spreadsheets.

  • Custom Templates

    Use 50+ accounting data templates with flexible filters, dynamic or custom dates, layout options. Create a template once and run it as many times as you want in just one click!

  • Query Accounting Data from Google Sheets

    Easily build an advanced QuickBooks, Xero query by joining multiple tables directly in Google Sheets.

  • Multiple Entities

    Connect multiple QuickBooks/Xero companies and refresh all of them automatically or instantly in one click.

  • Automatic Data Refresh

    Save hours by scheduling an automatic data refresh. Send real-time data & reports to your team & clients. Use a flexible workflow builder to automate your data export, send alerts & notifications, and schedule backups.

  • Two-Way Sync

    G-Accon exchanges data between QuickBooks and Google Sheets in both directions, making it easy for you to pull data into the spreadsheets, edit or create new records and upload it back to QuickBooks in bulk!

Our Unique Features

  • Deep Links

    Special links you can click to open a record in QuickBooks Online.

  • Drill Downs

    Drill down hierarchy to open a data table and all related multiple items. For example, expand Invoices table to get Items.

  • Filter by ID

    Easily join multiple data tables using Filter By ID feature. Design your own queries!

  • Append Template

    Consolidate data from multiple QuickBooks organizations in one spreadsheet.

  • Pull Thousands of QuickBooks/Xero Records

    Export large amounts of accounting data into Google Sheets. No limits!

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Supported Tables/Lists for Exporting into Google Sheets

Advanced Features


  • Pre-built Accounting Export Templates
  • Create and Save Unlimited Templates
  • Historical Layout for Google Data Studio
  • Multi-Entity Support
  • Share Templates in the Cloud with your team

Automation & Workflow

  • Schedule Automatic Exports
  • Export Thousands of Rows in One Click
  • Send Notifications when Data is Refreshed
  • Send Alerts when Certain Criteria is Met
  • Auto Convert to Excel, PDF, and CSV

Popular Use Cases

  • Paid or Due Invoices. Run and view reports to see the number of outstanding invoices, total amount due from clients and details of each invoice (paid or due).
  • Track the billable expenses by appending Bills and Expenses data table into one spreadsheet.
  • Unpaid Bills. Avoid missing accounts payable due dates by displaying what’s due and when.
  • Map Import Fields. Simplify your upload process by exporting your accounting data first to automatically map the columns.

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