10,000 businesses and accounting firms use G-Accon to save time and money.

Simon Griffiths, W’ZIS

Opens up a world of possibilities

I cannot recommend this software enough. Combine the power of Google Sheets (app scripting, standard functions) with XERO data, add a touch of additional meta and you end up with a really powerful piece of kit. We use ours for forecasting, commissions, identifying trends and customer outreach scheduling (based on purchasing history).

The staff at G-Accon have always been super super helpful and I thank them for giving us access to a tool which I can honestly say has increased our revenue in the business

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Dave Sellick, Sidgrove

Far Better Than DataDear

A friend told me about G-Accon when I needed to find a DataDear replacement. I’ve been using G-Accon for nine months now, and personally, G-Accon is a far better day-to-day solution for me. I wish I’d been using it all along. It’s much more flexible and allows me to push data between my programs, particularly Xero, Excel and G-Sheets, while still working in the Cloud.
G-Accon is intuitive, more contemporary, and much quicker and easier to use. I was surprised at how clean the transition was too.

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Why do you need G-Accon?

G-Accon eliminates the need for mistake-prone manual exports and imports. With G-Accon, you can use the power and convenience of Google Sheets to customize and manipulate data in ways you aren’t able to in Xero.

  • Two-Way Secure Sync

    Securely connect Google Sheets to Xero and pull or upload your data in seconds. The data is transferred directly between Google Sheets and Xero through secure OAuth 2.0 protocol and API.

  • Custom Reports

    Use our flexible templates to create 50+ reports including Account Transactions, Purchase Orders, Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.

  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV

    Automatically export Xero data and reports to Excel, CSV, PDF or Google Sheets using G-Accon workflow.

  • Export Xero Data Objects

    Export unlimited transactions from any Xero tables, including Xero Accounting data, Payroll, Projects, Quotes, Budgets and Assets.

  • Automatic Data Refresh

    Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically when you are offline using a flexible schedule: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Data Upload to Xero

    No more hassle with CSV files! Schedule automatic Invoices, Bank Transactions, Contacts, Purchase Orders, Payments, etc. uploads from Google Sheets to Xero.

  • Automatic Emails & Alerts

    Automatically generate and send real-time reports to your team and clients in Excel, PDF, CSV or Google Sheets using a workflow builder.

  • Collaborate in Real-Time

    Easily share spreadsheets and work as a team, leave comments, and track changes with you colleagues and clients in Google Drive.

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Features which make accountants choose us

G-Accon is a must-have application for Accountants, Advisors,
CFO, and Small Business owners using Xero
  • Consolidated Reporting

    Easily consolidate multiple Xero organisations in one click and automatically generate consolidated reports.

  • Cloud Templates

    Save your custom templates to the Cloud. Share with your team members.

  • Audit Trail

    Users will be able to view an audit trail of the notes recorded against their organisation’s transactions.

  • Multi-Currency

    Live currency rates. Multi-currency support in all reports.

  • Bulk Import

    Make your changes in Google Sheets and upload any transactions to multiple Xero accounts in one click.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automatically generate reports, emails, exports, and bulk uploads. Easily schedule data backups in your Google Drive.

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4 Easy steps to get started with G-Accon

Get started quickly with G-Accon Quickstart Guide for new users here

Install G-Accon

Download our application from Google Marketplace. You can start with free 14 days trial or choose full version.

Connect G-Accon to Xero

You should follow the instructions and connect Google Sheets to your Xero account through G-Accon app.

Create Templates

Select your options, such as dynamic or custom dates, filters, multi-currency, time periods, etc. You can also save your templates to the Cloud for later use or share them with your team.

Schedule Auto-Refresh

Use our workflow automation to automatically refresh your data in Google Sheets. Choose the automatic refresh interval: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Quickstart Guide

Discover All G-Accon Features

Feature Description
Google Sheets Integrations with Cloud Accounting QuickBooks Online, Xero, WorkflowMax, FreshBooks, Sage
Two-Way Data Synchronization Pull data from your accounting software into Google Sheets, make changes and push back to Xero, QuickBooks or FreshBooks.
Multi-Entity Support
Connect Multiple Companies Sign in one time only to establish a secure connection between Google Sheets and accounting software.
Switch Company Easily switch between your connected organizations in Google Sheets.
Instantly Refresh All Companies Refresh all companies in one click
Automatically Refresh All Companies Schedule an automatic refresh to automatically refresh all companies.
Export Data & Reports to Google Sheets
Reports Pull 100+ reports from QBO, Xero, FreshBooks and Sage
Custom Templates Use our flexible pre-built templates to easily create custom reports: multiple periods, dynamic dates, filters, etc.
Multi-Currency Converter Convert all reports to the currency of your choice using currency converter
Deep Links Click on the link in Google Sheets to open a specific record/object in your accounting software.
Flexible Date Range for Accounting Reports Dynamic, Static, Custom
Export Raw Accounting Data Pull data from 100+ QuickBooks or Xero tables such as Accounts, Bills, Customers, Expenses, Invoices, etc.
Upload Data in Bulk Upload new records in bulk directly from Google Sheets to Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, WorkflowMax.
Delete Data in Bulk Delete existing records in your accounting software directly from Google Sheets. Easily find and delete duplicates.
Edit Data in Bulk Edit existing records in your accounting software directly from Google Sheets. Great for cleanups and reconciliations.
Schedule Automatic Data Refresh Automatically refresh your financial data & reports in Google Sheets using a flexible schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).
Automatic Emails & Notifications Schedule automatic emails to send updated reports to multiple recipients.
Alerts Send an alert when certain criteria/threshold is met in your data & reports.
Automatic File Converter Automatically convert Google Spreadsheets to Excel, PDF, and CSV files and send as an attachment.
Workflow Builder Flexible workflow builder to easily automate your manual tasks.
Schedule Backups in Google Drive Automatically save snapshots of your data & reports to your Google Drive.
Multi-Entity Consolidation
Consolidated Reporting Easily consolidate a group of companies in one click. Choose between Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets or Cash Flow reports.
Multi-Currency Generate consolidated reports in different currencies using built-in converter with live or custom currency exchange rates.
Admin Tools
Save & Share your Templates in the Cloud Save time by saving and loading templates from Cloud. Easily copy & apply to all of your companies. Share with your team members/clients.
Add/Remove Users Add or remove users to your group license.
Assign User Roles (Admin, Read, Write) Control access rights of your team members. Add/Restrict user's ability to generate/view company's financial data through group licenses.
Add/Remove Companies Add/remove connected companies in Manage License menu.

What our clients say about us

Brian Pulsipher

The Essential Xero Tool

I've used this solution for years and have loved it. Any problem or issue I've run into the support has been exceptional and they remedy me a solution within a business day.

I plan to be a customer for a long time and I recommend this to friends, family, clients, and associates.

Juan Visser

Customer Support is the best

The team does an exceptional job. We requested a customer/supplier analysis in foreign currency and they build it as an standard feature. Customer Support is the best of all the applications we tested. We are rolling this out as an standard add-on to all our clients.

Jacques le Roux

Consolidated Reporting saves so much time

Thanks to G-Accon, we've managed to live-link our TBs in Google Sheets, consolidate them and viola - "live" management accounts. This saves so much time each month and enables us to see the effects of transactions on the reports and forecasts, as they happen.

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