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Why G-Accon is a Must-Have Tool for Fractional CFOs

G-Accon is #1 Google Sheets Integration for QuickBooks and Xero

See what sets us apart:

  • Two-Way Sync between Google Sheets and QuickBooks/Xero
  • Powerful Workflow Builder
  • Consolidated Reports with Multi-Currency
  • Formatted Reports: Create Branded Reports in Seconds
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Advanced Customizable Reporting Templates
  • Webhooks: Easily Integrate with other Apps
  • Performance: Pull and Push Thousands of Rows
  • Powerful Automation: Set it and Forget it
  • Integrations: Works with Multiple Accounting Platforms

The highest ROI

The most valuable, the most effective, the highest ROI we have on any of our tech platforms is G-Accon.
I exaggerate you not when I say it saves us 40 hours a month! G-Accon just works and the price is right.

Michael King

Founder, The CFO Accelerator
This has saved my firm thousands!

We use G-Accon for CFO reporting and this tool has enabled us to quickly access the data we need into presentable dashboards for clients and analysis tools for ourselves.

Shannon Weinstein

CPA, Fitnancial Solutions

One Super App for Accountants and CFOs

Experiencing app fatigue from juggling multiple tools?

Too many accounting add-ons and apps causing inefficiencies and errors.

G-Accon is your one-stop solution tailored for comprehensive financial data automation within Google Sheets.

  • Ready-to-Use Formatted Reports
  • Consolidated Financial Reporting
  • Intercompany Eliminations
  • Live Financial and Non-Financial Data in Google Sheets
  • Bulk Data Imports to Accounting Software directly from Google Sheets

  • KPI Dashboards & Custom Reporting
  • Automatic Emails & Alerts
  • Data Migrations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Month-End Close: Adjust Journal Entries, Data Cleanups

Why Choose G-Accon?

From Accountants & Bookkeepers to CFOs: Finance Professionals Across Industries
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G-Accon Success Stories

How G-Accon Solved a Multi-Six-Figure Problem for a Fractional CFO Firm

"We have fully customized CFO reports within our dashboards, with data that's updated in real-time and it's two-way communication between QuickBooks and Google Sheets.

The term "game-changer" is often overused, but it literally was for us! We were spending a little over 40 hours a month on manual data importing, exporting, and manipulation. But within a few hours of playing with G-Accon, that problem was eliminated.

And it's eliminated across clients too, because you create one template that can be used with multiple clients."

- Michael King, KFE Solutions.

Ending CFOs' Reporting Struggle - Andrew Forte's Daily Tool for 7 Years

"I think that not a single day has passed in the last seven years when I haven't used G-Accon.

The possibilities with G-Accon and Sheets are almost unlimited! And I think that's the main benefit of G-Accon.

I know a lot of CFOs out there struggle with whether they should use Fathom or Syft, or whether they should use any mainstream reporting software. However, you're never going to achieve the granularity that you can with G-Accon."

- Andrew Forte, DataNow.guru

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Features Accountants Love

G-Accon is a must-have application for Accountants, Advisors, CFOs at companies of every size
  • Export Raw Data

    Export unlimited transactions from any tables (Invoices, Accounts, Payments, Credit Notes, Journal Entries, etc). Save time by scheduling an automatic data refresh.

  • Upload Transactions

    Edit your data directly in Google spreadsheets and push back in bulk to Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks or WorkflowMax. Great for data cleanups and reconciliations.

  • Consolidated Reporting

    Connect Google spreadsheets to multiple companies. Automatically generate consolidated reports.

  • Multi-Currency

    Convert all reports to multiple currencies. 160+ currencies supported. Live FX or custom exchange rates.

  • Dashboards

    Use Historical Layout in all reports for easy connection to Google Data Studio to build powerful BI dashboards.

  • Cloud Template Library

    Ready-to-use KPI and upload templates that will save you time. Popular templates: Create a Journal Entry, Upload Invoice with Multiple Items, KPI Dashboards.

  • Sticky Annotations

    Now you can add comments, rows, columns, and formulas to your custom reporting templates.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automatically generate reports, emails, exports, and bulk uploads using a flexible workflow builder. Easily schedule data backups in your Google Drive.

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