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Automatically generate and email real-time Xero or QuickBooks financial reports to your clients: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
No more manually exporting/importing data. Use G-Accon to automatically sync Google Sheets with Xero, QuickBooks or HubSpot in both directions.
Your users don't need to have access to Xero, QuickBooks or HubSpot. Share live spreadsheets in Google Drive. Hide any information they don't need to see.

Sync Google Sheets with multiple Xero or QBO companies to check intercompany balances and sales daily. Refresh all companies automatically or manually in one click.
Create or edit Invoices, Transactions, Purchase Orders in Xero from rows in Google Sheets. Create HubSpot Contacts, Deals, Companies from rows in Google Sheets
Connect your spreadsheets to Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Looker or other BI software. The dashboards will be automatically populated and refreshed by G-Accon add-on.

DevOps: The need to deliver high quality software faster has become a critical for companies to stay competitive in their markets.

Cloud Integration: Lower Operational Costs, Free Up Existing Data Center Space, Reduce Complexity, Reduce Security Risk.

We Do Agile: agile is core to our culture. Agile methodology is front and center in what we do. We deliver Agile Software Development at Scale & Value.


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